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This is so disgusting omg

it really is.

fucking wow

This is so sad

yall making too much of a deal of this who cares 

Yeah sure, who cares.
Who cares when people would rather line up like this every year to spend hundreds on a damn phone than give/donate even just a few dollars to a charity or help out those in need and struggling to sustain themselves.
Spend hundreds to buy an iPhone or spend less than a hundred to change a life?

this just in: human brain incapable of caring about more than 1 thing in a lifetime, iphone owners will never spend money on anything other than a phone ever, buying products of own money because you want them makes one incapable of empathy or knowing about charity

in other news: tumblr users still pretentious shits on high horses who think that they’re better than everyone based on nothing but holier-than-thou assumptions

i understand that people can care about more than one thing at a time, but this is more of an obsession. Apple is becoming more about the name than the quality, i mean, it is still a pretty good product, but, for example, perfectly good iPhones are becoming obsolete just because the new software doesn´t support it, when cellphones used to last a whole lot more. Apple nowadays just wants to keep selling, the differences between every iPhone and software are pretty minimal, and people still camp out to get the new product just because it is the latest of Apple. I mean, I don´t mind people camping out of a store to get certain product, if that is what they like, go ahead…but what is ridiculous is that with all the new technology (water resistant, self repairing, wireless charging, etc) the only new thing on the iPhones is a slightly better camera, a slightly different design, and a software that is not even tested/of a good quality; i´ve had so many issues with the new software on an iPhone 5s, the latest model before the iPhone 6, it is ridiculous, it hasn´t even been a year (iPhone 5s release date: Jan 26, 2014; iPhone 6 release date Sept 19, 2014). I truly hope that the Apple products restore their superior quality and practicality before they just become a label for the masses. 

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Watch it in video


No this is not funny.

Whether or not it is a joke, I’ve gone onto the channel and there are multiple videos similar to this, which makes me think they’re fake.

Doesn’t matter. 

These videos enforce the idea to parents that yes, the answer to stop your child becoming obsessed with games is to DESTROY them.

No. This is not funny. It is things like this that cause events such as the father who SHOT his daughter’s laptop to bits to occur. These jokes enforce the attitude that people are ‘wrong’ for loving games.

For wanting to play games. 

For some people (including myself), games are a serious escape from horrid realities. The only escape some people can get. The idea that this man (boy?) is wrong for being so upset is disgusting to me?

This is horrific. This is abuse. This is wrong.

This is a sure fire way to get your kids to hate you.

do people not understand how much video games cost?

Video games are a multi-billion dollar business. Some people are good at it. Very good. Do not squander your child’s talents, help them realize them and strengthen them. There are other ways to get your child outside without destroying their games and everything they work for. This won’t solve anything; this will only set them back further.

do this to your childs anything and they will automatically hate you/not trust you

It doesn’t matter what it is

It doesn’t matter if its their video games or if its their smoking pipe

If you just destroy it/throw it away, you are giving no explanation as to why it’s bad/you don’t want them to have it

This can actually psychologically mess a kid up because you teach them that if someone doesn’t like something, they should destroy it

That can lead to some serious problems with socializing with others and other things

dont do that to people


I had a notebook I used to write in all the time. I did that thing that Margo did in Paper Towns where she criss crossed her writing, but I did it so I’d have enough room to write everything. I took it everywhere wtih me and wouldn’t let my parents even start the car unless I had in in my lap. My dad got really annoyed by this and said I needed to throw the notebook away, what was written in it wasn’t important anyway (it was to me, very much so). So one day he took and ran it through the paper shredder.
Ever since I’ve had an intense fear of losing my notebooks and currently have a colletion of 53 blank notebooks and 16 that have been written in because I’ve started hoarding them.
Long story short, don’t fucking do this to your kids. You think it’s harmless and some people even think it’s clever, but you’re really just an asshole and are causing actual psychological problems for your children.

I have a plush rabbit that I’ve had since Easter of the year I was born (I was about 2 months old when I got it). It quickly became a comfort thing for me and I used to go everywhere with it as a child. When my mum and dad split up was when I became kind of dependent on having it around.
If ever I did anything wrong mum always threatened to take it away from me, which obviously caused my 6-year-old self to kick and scream and cry because I needed it.
One day I lost it for 6 or 7 months (turns out it was in my room the whole time but shh it was very well hidden & neither myself or my mum know how it got there)
That was the point that my mum realised she couldn’t threaten to take it away because holy shit I changed so much in those months.

Seriously, if your child is dependent on something, or takes great comfort in having it around
It does not matter how old your child is, what their comfort item is, if it’s a video games console - don’t take it from them. If it’s their phone - don’t take it from them. If they’re 18 and still sleep with a teddybear - don’t take it from them.

This also goes for if your child is self-harming. If they have a blade in their bedroom and you find it DO NOT THROW IT OUT. Talk to them about it, be as supportive as you can, but do not think “oh well if I get rid of it they’ll be fine”. It can be seriously distressing and also lead to them becoming creative with what they use.

Getting a job and becoming an active member of society is important, but this is not the way to get your kid to do so. As others have previously stated, this is how to get your kid to hate you. Have a problem with your kids? Talk. To. Them.

Stop acting like your kid’s hobby is hazardous.  Video games, comic books, cosplay, stop assuming that something you perceive as strange has a negative effect, because I bet if this boy was into football as much as he was into video games this video would’ve never happened. Destroying what your kid loves will only create hostility, instead, try understanding it and not treating it like trash.  

Dear god this is sad

Before I was diagnosed with ADD, I came home one day to find my room completely bare of anything but my bed. My parents thought this was a good way to force me to become more academically responsible.

It did not work. I have never totally trusted my family since then and it takes monumental effort to get me to tell anyone the truth about anything. I became a compulsive liar and feel like I need to make up excuses for everything I do and hide even the most mundane actions or possessions. I hoard things and hide my stuff and freak out if I have to admit to needing or wanting anything. I feel a constant need to prove that I am intellectually superior to everyone around me and I am habitually cruel And vitriolic and hold academic grudges like an alpha wolf holding an imaginary social position.

Do not EVER do this to your children.

this goes for siblings too. my sister ruined on pair of shoes I had to “stop me calling her names” and ripped them apart. like that’s a way to react to somebody who is upset. if somebody is calling you names, don’t do the same, stay calm and TALK to them. Don’t take their things, things they saved up for and like a lot, and destroy them. They will never trust you again.

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The adventures of a cute little doodle!  by ELYXtroqman | Instagram

Here is “ELYX“, a cute little doodle wandering through Paris, France as well as various parts of the world through the sketchbook of YAK, its creator, who draws his mascot for more than 3 years! Some adorable, funny and creative adventures to follow on his Instagram account or on his website: ELYX.

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This tiny house was built by Ethan Waldman. He’s getting great reviews for a 180 page how-to decision-making book which looks like a solid resource if you are going to build tiny.

I want to live there now.




this oatmeal has god damn dinosaur eggs in it and then when you cook it THE DINOSAURS FUCKIN HATCH IM SO PUMPED

Was this post made in 1996?

fun has no expiration date

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Decided to take a video while flying this morning.
Best. Idea. Ever.


Decided to take a video while flying this morning.

Best. Idea. Ever.

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i can’t stop watching

his hair tho, as the hood flies off

there’s a lot to discuss here

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